GPS Survey of the Francigena Way in the South

Itineraria’s team of surveyors completed mapping the Via Sallentina in Apulia towards the end of 2017. The aim of this activity, which is part of the South Cultural Routes project, is to develop and coordinate efforts to promote pedestrian and cycle paths, religious and historical roads, Green roads and cycle routes and slow modes of travel in general.

Within the context of this ambitious project, the European Association of the Vie Francigene, in collaboration with the Apulia Regional Goverment and Puglia Promozione, have requested Itineraria to map and survey 3 additional itineraries: the southern Via Francigena del Sud between Brindisi and Santa Maria di Leuca, the Via Leucadense from Lecce to Leuca and the Via Sallentina between Taranto and Leuca.

Read more on the official website of the Via Francigena

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