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Design and consultancy

We have been travelling along the footpaths and cycle tracks of the world for many years, picking up ideas and inspiration for improving the network of paths and itineries back home in Italy.
Our experiences on the Way of St. James contributed to the development of the Via Francigena, while the cycle paths of Lombardy benefitted from the time we spent in the saddle in Holland and Spain.
And since we don’t live in Holland, Austria or Spain, for better or for worse, it is necessary to come to terms with the specific situation in Italy, promoting the extraordinary historical, cultural and gastonomic attractions our country has to offer, while doing our best to ameliorate the effects of a legislation that attaches far too little importance to those who choose to travel on foot or by bicycle.


Preliminary studies for slow itineraries and networks


Feasibility studies


Project finalisation

Design of the layout and installation of signage

Technical surveys for evaluating the practicability and potential of the itineraries


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