Designed by travellers for travellers, the new GeoGuide 5.0 App represents the result of years of experience and field testing. Simple, intuitive and powerful, with a practical navigation display and an acoustic signal that warns you if you go off course.

Thanks to the pre-loaded routes, maps and points of interest, the GeoGuide 5.0 App may also be used offline, without the need for an internet connection. A practical control panel allows you to update the data without having to republish them on the store.

Funzioni comuni a tutte le versioni

High-visibility navigation display


Visual and audible off-course alarm

No internet connection necessary: maps, routes, POI and accomodation can be pre-loaded on the device

All content is updated via a simple control panel with web access

It is possible to notify other users about any problems on the route or send suggestions via email, complete with the geographical coordinates of the respective point. It is also possible to attach images.

Thanks to the internal “cache” the app continues to function even when receiving incoming calls or when using other apps at the same time

GeoGuide “Land” App, for promoting the local territory

Capable of managing long itineraries divided into stages and large networks of paths on a regional or even national scale

Can also handle “local networks” for a more detailed information about the territories

The itineraries may be associated with accommodation facilities, which in turn may be booked via or other similar platforms.

GeoGuida “Land”, per la promozione territoriale

GeoGuide “Tour operator” App, for self-guided travel organisers


Each traveller accesses his or her own journey, which may be customised by adding stops and accomodation

The “take me there” function activates the smartphone navigator function to locate hotels that are not on the route

The“SMS” function may be used to send a help message to the tour operator, complete with the geographical position of the user

GeoGuide “Publisher” App, for publishers who sell tourist guides

The printed guides may be transformed into digital format and made available on the publisher’s App

The customer purchases the publications he/she requires “in App”


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