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GPS Surveying

ItinerAria came into being in 2006, when the official path of the Via Francigena was defined for the first time. Since then we have plotted tens of thousands of kilometers of cycle and footpaths, developing a sophisticated surveying technique in the process, which permits us to optimise both time and costs, thanks to the use of e-mountain bikes equipped with GPS and video cameras.
During the survey process, we divide each itinerary up into short stages that can be managed separately by the CMS GeoRouter. This allows us to complete the process at different times, in some case with intervals of a year or more, and create customised itineraries, thaks to the automatic route calculation system.


GPS Tracking

Collection of georeferenced photographs that provide an accurate record of the route

Collection of high-quality, georeferenced photographs of points of interest


Localisation of services (accommodation and catering facilities, drinking fountains, etc.)

Video and photo presentations for publication on the Web and social networks.


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