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Cycling through the Crossroads of Europe

ItinerAria organized a blog tour with bloggers and photographers for promoting thecycling itineraries of Pavia and its outskirts. The city is the intersection of historical itineraries such as the Via Francigena, the Via degli Abati and the St. Colombano Way, and is a real crossroad of walks. The tour touched the principal points of interest of Pavia, and then it went out through the Park of the Vernavola in direction of the Chartreuse. Once visited the splendid Renaissance complex, the group returned in the city crossing the ciclovia along the Naviglio. The following day, after having visited Varzi, the participants cycled in direction of Zavattarello, fascinating castled suburb on the hills, and from here they went to the hermitage of Sant’Alberto of Butrio, rich of artistic testimonies of Medieval age.

During the blog tour the cicloescursionistis have used the app Crossroad of Europe, developed by ItinerAria, that allows to easily orient thanks to the interactive map and to get information on the points of interest along the itineraries and on the receptive structures.
The project Religious Tourism – Crossroad of Europe, promoted by Region Lombardy and Chamber of Commerce in Pavia, involved ItinerAria, both for the blog tour, for the development of the App, and in the realization of the site as well.