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The new App “I Sentieri dell’Oltrepò Pavese”

The Route of the Abbots, the San Colombano path, the Via del Sale are just some of the itineraries of the Oltrepò Pavese, a wonderful area full of opportunities for those who love to travel on foot and by bike.

Over 500 kilometers of trails, cycle paths and bridleways to fully appreciate the hiking experience in the Alto Oltrepò.

ItinerAria has released the new App “I Sentieri dell’Oltrepò Pavese” which includes the staged routes, over 100 daily routes, points of interest and accommodations.

Thanks to the App it is possible to easily navigate even along the routes without phone signal. In fact, the interactive map allows you to view your position on the route using the device’s GPS and the App works even without internet connection: maps, GPS tracks, points of interest and accommodations can be pre-loaded on the phone to be able to have all contents available even offline.

In case of oversight an alarm sounds if you depart from the route and you can report any problems on the routes by communicating your GPS position.

“I Sentieri dell’Oltrepò Pavese” is the result of a collaboration between ItinerAria and the Comunità Montana dell’Oltrepò Pavese.